Hailey Baldwin Drops Strong Hints of Expecting Justin Bieber’s Child

Justin Bieber is undoubtedly facing a myriad of thoughts these days.

Have you perused the singer’s notably candid Instagram post, where he opened up about his past struggles with drug use and the challenges of fame recently?

On another note, Bieber’s spouse has just dropped an online hint that she might be contemplating something significant — potentially even harboring a secret within her womb.

And by that, we mean this:

Could Baldwin be expecting a child with Bieber?

Although the model hasn’t explicitly confirmed this wonderful news, she did leave a comment on an Instagram photo that seems hard to interpret any other way.

Following Bieber’s emotional message regarding his anxiety and mental state, Baldwin shared her own cryptic comment.

“You are very fine,” she penned under a picture of Bieber by a beach bonfire during their recent romantic getaway. “Hi (future) baby Daddy.”

It’s possible that Baldwin isn’t currently carrying a child.

Perhaps she’s referring to their impending plans to start a family, as she has previously expressed her desire for numerous Bieber offspring.

“I adore children,” Hailey revealed last November. “I’m eagerly anticipating having my own.”

Bieber himself has spoken about his excitement to become a father, making a pregnancy announcement at this juncture unsurprising.

Let’s not forget that the couple is officially married, having tied the knot in a New York City courthouse last September and completed the necessary legal formalities.

Towards the conclusion of Bieber’s revealing Instagram post this week, he shares that his union with Baldwin has brought him immense clarity.

It has led him to prioritize the truly important aspects of life.

“Recovering from these poor decisions, repairing broken relationships, and changing relationship patterns has taken years. Fortunately, I’ve been blessed with exceptional people who love me for me,” he expressed. Regarding his marriage to Baldwin, he stated:

“Now I’m navigating the best phase of my life, ‘MARRIAGE’!! It’s an extraordinary, crazy new responsibility.”

What makes marriage truly remarkable?

Bieber elaborated:

“Marriage teaches patience, trust, dedication, kindness, humility, and all the traits that define a good man.”

Isn’t this reminiscent of lessons a father would aspire to impart to his child?

If indeed Baldwin is pregnant, permit The Hollywood Gossip to be among the first to say: CONGRATULATIONS!

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