Violet Admits to Undermining Riley on 90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days: I Felt Ashamed! I Deceived!

Amid the unfolding drama on Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, fans are left with inquiries, one of which revolves around the status of Riley and Violet’s relationship.

Numerous factors contributed to the decision to block each other. A pivotal issue arose from Riley’s conduct, which was deemed “impolite in Vietnam.” One notable incident involved him failing to present a gift to Violet’s mother, marking a significant misstep.

Interestingly, despite Violet’s initial assertion to the camera that Riley hadn’t questioned her about it, it was revealed that he did inquire. This resulted in her publicly airing his mistake.

In the earlier episodes of the season, Violet introduced Riley to her family for the first time.

Although they had conversed via phone and exchanged gifts previously, meeting in person was a new step. Violet’s daughters expressed their enthusiasm about meeting Riley, with Tuyet specifically noting his unexpected height. Phone conversations had not conveyed this aspect.

During his visit, Riley brought gifts for both young women, which aligned with his previous sentiment of wanting to “spoil” them if his relationship with Violet progressed.

However, a significant hiccup emerged when Riley arrived without a gift for Violet’s mother. This oversight held cultural significance in Vietnam and negatively impacted Violet’s perception of him.

Vietnamese culture, like many others, places importance on respecting and caring for elders. Riley’s failure to meet this cultural norm exacerbated existing concerns Violet’s mother held regarding his jealousy and controlling tendencies.

Could Violet have advised Riley to bring a gift to appease her mother, given that it’s her cultural tradition? Possibly. However, she emphasized to the camera that she didn’t believe it was her responsibility. Riley, she argued, could have researched these customs himself.

To Riley, some of Violet’s culturally informed critiques felt hurtful, particularly in light of his identity as a Black man. The complexities of cultural nuances played a significant role in their dynamics.

An intriguing twist occurred when Violet allegedly left a now-deleted comment on Instagram.

Observing the backlash directed at Riley, she expressed regret, confessing, “I should have admitted that you asked what to buy for my mother and I told you that you don’t need to.”

Violet disclosed feeling embarrassed on camera and noted her inclination to attribute blame to Riley rather than owning up to her part.

In conclusion, she expressed remorse for causing Riley pain on social media.

Both Riley and Violet exhibit pride and stubbornness, characteristics that aren’t inherently negative. However, these traits seem to hinder their happiness and impact their relationship. Their similarity suggests that if they choose to marry, their journey could be either short or long-lasting, contingent on aligning their stubbornness.

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